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 New Theatre Kitchen - London

The Bar du Musee in Greenwich is one of the areas finest eateries, combining freshly made sandwiches and coffee shop with a friendly but lively bar next door. 

These areas then link together to a 200 seat restaurant at the rear under a large glass roof. Renowned for it's quality food and friendly ambience the addition of a new kitchen area with theatre style cooking was the next evolution.

Blue Vent designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the ventilation canopy, ductwork, supply input system and stainless wall cladding. Providing a quality installation with easy maintenance access to all fans and ducting.

Providing the client with a quick and easy to manage service was the key to making this quick turn around project a success for all. The high standard of work and 12 month warranty provided to the client all help to prove the Blue Vent pedigree. 




O2 Dome – Ultraviolet Treatment Canopies  


Blue Vent Mechanical recently completed emergency repairs to the Ultra-violet grease and odour removal units fitted at a prime location eatery in the O2 Dome.


The units installed were Vent Master Ultraviolet canopies with control panel and integral gas interlock panel.


Without the repairs being completed in a timely and efficient manner the restaurant was facing closure due to the strict terms and conditions regulating the emissions of grease into the O2 Dome central extract system.


The systems operate using high frequency UV-C light produced by mercury filled quartz tubes, the UV-C reacts with oxygen in the air to produce ozone. The ozone reacts through a process of ozonolysis and photolysis to remove grease (and hence the majority of odours) at a molecular level.


Blue Vent Mechanical is one of the few maintenance providers in the country with the expertise and knowledge to successfully maintain these systems safely and effectively.






   Furze Down School - Extract and Supply System   Re-commissioning

Furze Down School in Buckinghamshire currently holds special school status and caters for age ranges 4 to 18. Providing a superb service to the community with first class care and support in learning for children with special needs.

The school kitchen was upgraded several years ago but the systems performance was under question with a seemingly excessive volume of supply air creating excessive turbulence within the kitchen. The turbulence was causing rapid skinning of food in the plating area and general discomfort for the staff and children for whom the facility doubles as a life skills catering training area.

Blue Vent Mechanical attended to assess the facility and discovered that the extract was dis-proportionate to the supply and the supply air was over performing BS6173 and DW172 requirements by 150%. This meant the kitchen was under constant positive pressure, forcing odours out into the hall area. The system was re-balanced by Blue Vent and pressure sensors for the interlock system set correctly to provide an industry compliant, well functioning system.