We provide:
  • Kitchen canopies
  • Full ventilation systems
  • Gas interlock systems
  • Duct cleaning and maintenance
  • Design consultancy

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Full System Surveys 

Suitable For:- 

  • Feasibility Survey
  • Ventilation Assessment
  • Specification Inspections and Reports (Have you got what you paid for?) 

System Commissioning 

Suitable For:- 

  • Commissioning of New Systems, Re-Commissioning and Balancing Of Existing Systems   

Planning Application Submittals / Design Consultancy 

Suitable For:- 

  • Kitchen Ventilation Planning Submittals For A3 Usage
  • Kitchen Ventilation Planning Submittals For Approval Following Issue Of Guidelines 
  • Issue of Complete Final Technical Specification complete with ventilation strategy for all foodservice areas
  • Issue of Tender Package For Inclusion With General Tender (includes drawings) 

 Project Management

Suitable For:- 

Acquisition of ventilation equipment from independent suppliers and price negotiating to meet issued specification, ensuring compliance with planning requirements whilst protecting client interests. Allowing the client to achieve the best combination of price and quality by opening up the wider market and creating a single package of installation.Guiding site installation to hit target deadlines whilst causing minimal disruption. Included within project management packages are the following standard works:- 

  • Attendance at necessary relevant meetings where possible
  • Tender submittal assessment
  • Cost management
  • Procurement Support
  • Project management support
  • On-Site guidance for sub-contractors including vetting and provision of method statements and risk assessments, installation monitoring.
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Provision and submittal of O&M Manuals including as installed wiring diagrams and drawings.
  • Sourcing of maintenance packages for end client